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"(I've) been reading your wonderful daily devotions since last June.

First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude for the blessing I've received through the book. I can't tell you how much and how often it encouraged me... I can't think of my days without "Strugglers" now. And I didn't want to make it my own. So I started translating it to share it with three of my friends"

Hiromi Kanda

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About Me

Peggy Haymes (and Bear)

 I'm a minister, writer and licensed counselor. One of my most important jobs is being a home provider to rescue cats and dogs, especially those who had hard starts in life.

I first felt a calling to ministry in Junior High, and have spent all of the years since trying to figure out what that means. It’s still a work in progress.

I preach when I can, writes as much as I'm able, and enjoy hearing other people’s stories. Through my online site, Heart Callings (, I help strugglers, stragglers and seekers on the faith journey.

I've written seven books so far. I've written collections of prayers (Be Thou Present, Heart Prayers, and heart prayers 2), daily devotions for the year (Strugglers, Stragglers and Seekers) and memoirs (Didn’t See It Coming and I Don’t Remember Signing Up For This Class.) I realize that my memoir titles make it sound like I bumble through life, fairly clueless. I hopes that this isn’t always the case.

And if it is, I trust that God loves me anyway.